Forum: Empowering Women and Youths to Spur Africa’s Transformation Agenda

National Co-ordinator Association of Nigeria Women Business Network (ANWBN) talking during the panel session on Day 3 of the West African Business Forum, a 3-day program, themed “Empowering Women and Youths to Spur Africa’s Transformation Agenda” has been amazing with lots of insightful deliberations from our learned panelists/ moderators.

The objective of the forum is to provide a platform that will be used to showcase success stories of women and youths’ businesses for cross-learning and impact, to identify business champions who are committed to supporting the growth of women and youths, and link them for effective mentorship and dedicated support and to share business opportunities among women and youths across the region and in Africa at large.

The program presents an incredible opportunity for African women and youths to build capacity and empower them to support the economic transformation.


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