Women Empowering Women (WEWO) is a remarkable organization founded on the principles of support, mentorship, and empowerment among women. With a passionate belief in the strength of women helping women, WEWO is dedicated to creating a supportive community where women inspire, uplift, and propel each other towards success.

The WEWO Commitment

WEWO is deeply committed to its mission, and its core values reflect this dedication:

Empowerment: We empower women to realize their full potential, encouraging them to reach new heights and celebrate their successes.

Mentorship: The organization promotes mentorship and guidance among women, recognizing the transformative power of sharing knowledge and experiences.

Community: WEWO actively builds a community of like-minded women who support and encourage each other, fostering a culture of collaboration and solidarity.

Who We Are

WEWO is a symbol of empowerment, mentorship, and unity among women. We are here to provide them with the support and mentorship needed to succeed, helping women become powerful agents of change and inspiration for each other and society as a whole.

Our Mission & Vision Statement

Women collaborating together to alleviate poverty.

Our Core Values

strong.and compassionate

50+ Members
Geo Locations
Locations: Southwest

Meet our leadership team

Dr Joke Akinseye
Alaba Ehindero
Dr Mrs Patricia Chukwu
National Secretary
Hajiya Maryam Maishanu
Nat. Asst. Secretary General
Surveyor Adesola Olayinka Dejo
Financial Secretary
Mrs Patricia Idiakhoa
Ex Officio
Mrs Flora Takim Ndifon
Ex Officio
Ramatu Ibrahim
Vice President North West

ANWBN is a coalition of 74 Women Business Associations across West Africa countries. The network is focus on total Women Empowerment, building leadership skills, access to credit, patronage of made in Nigerian goods as well as creating a gender friendly environment for women.


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